The cost of oil is a major expense for any household or business. Therefore, if you are making use of an oil boiler, you can save fuel and other expenses on repair or replacement. This can be done by having your oil boiler serviced regularly.

All manufacturers recommend that you have your oil boiler serviced regularly. Due to the nature of the oil, smoke can build up, also soot and partially burnt fuel. This accumulation can lead to many problems especially during the heat exchange from the burner to the water heating system. This can lead to huge inefficiency and fuel wastage.

Several parts of your boiler require servicing. Those parts include, oil nozzles which can become eroded and cause too much oil flow, ultimately leading to wastage. The heat regulation system isn’t exempted as it can also be affected by soot deposits and end up causing combustion of more fuel than is necessary.

Benefits of Servicing

A boiler that isn’t serviced on a regular basis, may present a risk to the safety of your home and family, sometimes the effect of a sub-serviced boiler is felt by neighboring houses and the community at large. The following are few reasons why you should service your oil boiler.

Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When oil boilers are serviced, you reduce the risk of carbon monoxide leakage. About 6 people die each year in Ireland from Carbon monoxide poisoning. Effects of exposure to short term or long term Carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, nausea, dizziness, tiredness, confusion and many more. Although it could also cause you difficulty in thinking or concentrating, frequent emotional changes like making impulsive decisions may also be a consequence of slow carbon monoxide poisoning.

The invisible killer

Since Carbon monoxide isn’t visible to the eyes, except detected by specially designed devices, you can put yourself, your family, visitors and neighboring houses at risk. Servicing your oil boiler helps to avoid getting caught out by Carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cost Effectiveness

A regular boiler servicing doesn’t just improve the safety of your boiler, it can also reduce the cost of heating your home. An inefficient boiler makes use of more fuel than necessary, costing you more.

Boilers should be thought of as Cash in the Tank!

Regular servicing also ensures you don’t spend much on repairs or replacements which sometimes can be expensive.

Save money by servicing your boiler

Extend the life of your boiler

Making a smart investment in boiler servicing can extend the life of your boiler. Servicing improves the quality of performance and keeps your boiler working like a new product. Servicing keeps it operating at its most efficient for many more years and therefore saves you money in the longer term.

Boilers should last up to 15 years, but a sub-serviced boiler will not last half of its life expectancy.


Your impact on the Environment

We all know that protection of the environment is important and that every small step taken by everyone will ultimately help the environment and reduce global warming.

Your boiler is a potential hazard to the environment as it burns oil and the by-products of keeping you warm are the carbon monoxide that is released into the atmosphere. This carbon monoxide leads to both air pollution and to climate change.

Regular servicing will reduce the amount of carbon monoxide which can be one of your small steps towards reducing pollution and reducing your impact on global warming.

Protect the environment by servicing your boiler


An inefficient boiler is an effective way of burning money, putting your family at risk and of damaging the environment. Service your boiler frequently and you can be sure it would save you cost, improve the safety of your house and family and have a positive effect on the environment.

Western Properties can provide boiler servicing in Clare, Limerick, Tipperary and Galway. Contact us today and book an appointment for us to service your boiler. Not in one of these regions? Never mind, contact us anyway and we will guide you in the right direction.

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