Owning a home is a rewarding experience especially when it is kept in good order. Leaving a house unattended for a long time while going away for work or holidays can bring a certain amount of concern. You may ask friends or family members to keep an eye on the house, but one cannot expect complete attention. For that, you need a good property maintenance company.

Property maintenance services come with various packages, which you can utilize for keeping your house in perfect condition. You can select a maintenance package in line with your available budget

Landscaping: Our landscaping services offer experienced professionals who will tend to your garden keeping it neat and tidy while you are away. We will cut the grass, strim the hedging, deadhead the flowers, fertilize plants and grass and kill the weeds.

Repair work: We offer a full range of repair services. Whether you have urgent repair work or your house is damaged by a storm, fire, burst pipes, water damage or any other natural disaster, you can trust Western Properties to take care of things.

We offer a range of customized services guaranteeing peace of mind while you are away from home.

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