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Tree Surgery

Busy time for Tree Surgeons It almost seems like a tree hasn't been topped in Ireland for the last five years with the amount of tree surgery business this Spring. This is the time of the year when people are focused on tidying up the landscape and having the...

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Increase in Planning Permissions – Q4 2016

The third quarter of 2016 showed an increase in planning permissions of 115% from the same time in 2015. The CSO figures show an increase in planning permission for houses of 86%. A total of 4,362 houses were granted planning permission in the last quarter of 2016....

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Renovating your home

If your home is looking old and tired and costing too much to run in terms of energy cost and and doesn't feel as comfortable as a new build why not consider a retrofit? A well carried out retrofit or renovation will not only reduce your energy costs, improve the look...

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