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Jobs for the Autumn

Autumn Maintenance Autumn is the time to prepare for winter again and a time when all homes and businesses need to consider the jobs that need to be done to keep the family/ workforce well and safe over the winder months. Deep Cleaning It is worth considering a deep...

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Office Refurbishment

Western Properties have an experienced team to handle all your office refurbishment and fit-out requirements. We will work with our designer to come up with a stylish and ergonomic solution which will ensure the well being of your workforce, source the most durable...

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Kitchens from Western Properties

The Kitchen is the heart of the home and this is something valued and understood by Western Properties. We work with our clients to create kitchens that are both functional and visually appealing. We aim to create spaces that add to the well being of...

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Renovating your home

Spring is always a good time to start thinking about a home improvement project or maybe even a total renovation. There are many reasons why people consider a home renovation project: maybe the family is growing and extra storage space or a new bathroom is needed,...

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Don’t Leave Your Property Unattended

Owning a home is a rewarding experience especially when it is kept in good order. Leaving a house unattended for a long time while going away for work or holidays can bring a certain amount of concern. You may ask friends or family members to keep an eye on the house,...

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